Tray Dryer

The tray dryer is a conventional drying machine suitable for drying powders, granules and similar products. The materials are placed inside the main chamber. The material is loaded into trays which are placed inside the main chamber. The drying takes place by forced air circulation with the help of blowers provided at the side. The air inside the chamber is heated by tubular air heaters provided at both the sides of the main chamber. The other forms of heating media are steam and thermic fluid. An electrical panel is provided for controlling the various parameters of the dryer.

The dryer is provided with a rack system for loading of the trays one above the other. The material is loaded into the trays provided separately and placed inside the racks provided. (A trolley is provided in case of larger dryers for loading and unloading of the trays). The drying takes place by for forced circulation of the air inside the chamber with the help of the fan (blower) provided at one side. The moist air can be exhausted from the dampers on top of the dryer and fresh air is drawn in through the inlet at the bottom side of the dryer. The inlet is provided with suitable air filter to have clean dust free air into the chamber. The required temperature inside the dryer can be set in the digital temperature indicator cum controller provided in the panel. This helps maintain the temperature inside the chamber constant with a variation of 2 - 3 degree, above and below the set point. The complete dryer is provided with glass wool / ceramic wool insulation to minimize heat loss.

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